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Metal Group Elite

Metal Group Elite 2006 Ltd. has more than 25 years of experience in trading metals and manufacturing metal products.We have our own warehouse and production base in the city of Pleven Bulgaria with a total area of over 6000 sq.m. The production base is equipped with modern machinery and technology for manufacturing and working of different types of work pieces and metal products, with loading, unloading and logistic facilities.

Modern and innovative

Over the years we have established ourselves as modern and innovative company meeting requirements and demands of our clients. For this purpose we systematically update our technological means and processes, we incorporate new machinery and improve the services we provide.

Reliable partner

Thanks to our respected corporate practices, we have proved to be a reliable and preferred partner in metal trading industry. We constantly enrich the assortment of metal goods while offering competitive price and prime delivery time.

Unique approach

We believe that every client deserves a unique approach, maximum care and the highest possible quality for our services and goods. We continuously increase our market share and position locally and abroad, while at the same time affirming our position with current clients.

Environmental responsibility

We push towards better financial results without jeopardizing our environment. We better our energy efficiency by modernizing our machine park and improving our production processes, the smart use of our resources and managing our waste is a primary responsibility.

New technology

We do not save when it comes to increasing our production capability. We use state of the art machinery and technology, guaranteeing the high quality of our services for which we are reputed.

Human resource

Our employees are the key to our development. Investing in their education and qualifications has become a tradition and leading priority.

Professionalism, high quality and satisfied customers

We are certified according to the International Quality Standard (ISO 9001) and have successfully incorporated Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) and Energy Management System (ISO 50001). We also hold an Occupational Health and Safety Management certificate (BS OHSAS 18001).The high quality and long-standing business cooperation with reputed producers and warehouses around the globe, is part of what made us a leading importer and exporter of a wide range of sizes and brands of steel.


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