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Heat treatment

Термична обработка Метали БГ

The thermal section of the base has modern equipment for volumetric and surface
hardeningofmetals byheattreatment.

Electric shaftfurnace with automatic control and power 105 kW; dimensions ofthe
heating spaceф800 mm хН 1750 mm. Protective atmosphere and possibility for gas
cementation;maximumchargingweight 1500kg.

Electric shaft furnace with automatic control and power 81 kW; dimensions ofthe
heating spaceф800mmхН4800mm.Maximumchargingweight 2500kg.

Chamber furnace with dimensions of the heating space 280 mm x 1180 mm x 480
mm;maximumchargingweight 1000kg

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    Термична обработка Метали БГ